What Personal Fitness Training Is Really About

All the personal fitness training programs at Select Fitness are designed by certified personal trainers and are customized to help you reach your unique fitness goals. Although the programs are individualized to each person, they all have one thing in common, periodization.

Periodization is a carefully planned and organized approach to fitness training that involves progressive cycling of various aspects of training (such as volume or intensity) during a specific period for the purpose of reaching a specific fitness goal. Whether you want to burn fat and lose weight, build muscles or improve your fitness levels your body must constantly be challenged with a smart training plan that bypasses the body's adaptation response.

Each phase of your training program should also prepare your body for a new more challenging phase of your training program so that you avoid fitness or fatloss plateaus and reach your goals faster. The best part about periodization is that it keeps your workouts fun and motivating so you can get results without ever getting burned out or bored with exercise.

How Personal Training Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Aside from customizing a fitness training program to your unique needs our personal fitness trainers also pay careful attention during each session to make sure you are maintaining proper form, good range of motion, correct speed of movement, excellent breathing and a host of other factors that make for safe and effective exercise.

They also provide that important motivation factor that is necessary to get you through your workouts as they become more challenging. Nothing motivates our personal fitness trainers more than achieving results with their clients. Our trainers actually feel responsible for their clients reaching their fitness goals and for helping them make fitness a permanent part of their life and they will guide you ever step of the way until you reach your fitness goals.

Select Fitness trainers all maintain national certifications. Most hold undergraduate degrees in exercise science, physiology or fitness related areas. All of our trainers are experienced in providing individualized professional attention to each client.

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