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Fitness training or fitness classes to lose fat and tone up?

I'm having trouble deciding if I want to take fitness classes of if maybe personal training would be better. What do you think works best for women who

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What type of workouts will my personal trainer have me doing?

I've seen a lot of stories in the news that feature personal trainers torturing their clients with extreme and hardcore workouts that make them cry, get

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How many times a week do I need personal training?

I want to start personal training but I'm not sure how many times a week I need to train and if I can fit that in to my busy schedule. Any feedback greatly

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Personal Fitness Trainers

The Foothills' Best Personal Fitness Trainers. Trainer Bios And Certifications

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Small Group Fitness Classes

Select fitness tucson offers a variety of small group fitness classes including boot camp, circuit training, TRX, athletic training, yoga, and more.

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Personal Fitness Training

Select fitness offers individual or small group personal fitness training that is customized to your fitness goals. What motivates our trainers more than anything is achieving results with clients.

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Does aerobic exercise build strength?

Do I really need to strength train or does aerobic exercise build strength? This depends on your definition of strength. The classic definition of strength

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How does weight training help osteoporosis?

How does weight training effect the onset of osteoporosis? Any form of weight bearing exercise can help stave off osteoporosis. Walking is a weight bearing

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Increase strength with body weight exercises?

I noticed that boot camp workouts are very popular right now and many of them only include body weight exercises. Can I really increase my strength through

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Fitness Training FAQ

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions about fitness training at

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Select Fitness Personal Trainers

Select Fitness personal trainers have over 40 years of experience in the personal training and fitness industry.

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Select Fitness Training Tucson

Select Fitness is the Tucson Foothills premiere fitness training studio and conveniently located at the sw corner of Swan and Sunrise (across from Safeway, Starbucks and next to Trattoria Pina).

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